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Donate now - Friends of Education

Friends of Education is always in need of funds and resources to provide to our children. It costs nearly one lakh to operate a single one of our schools for a month, providing meals, clothing and education for children aged 3-15. Even the smallest of donations will help us grow and our children will be thankful for the chance you are providing them!

You, our donor, will receive a detailed profile of the child/children you sponsor, as well as routine progress reports.

A simple way to support is to sponsor.

A child’s fee per month varies from the class

⦁ Nursery – 500/month
⦁ Class V- 500/month
⦁ Class VII – X 650/month

⦁ Sponsor a Teacher

⦁ Between Rs. 5000-8000 /month

⦁ Sponsor a Class

⦁ A class with 25 – 30 students = Rs. 20,000 /month

⦁ Sponsor their Lunch

⦁ We provide lunch to our students of the entire school of 100 students
⦁ Rs 20 /child /day X 100 = Rs. 2000
⦁ 22 days/month = Rs. 44,000
⦁ 44,000 X 9 = Rs. 396,000 /year

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